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Hello , Hello , Γεια σας ,

My name is Nick and I'm from Greece. I have lived near Stuttgart in Plochingen since 2015. My hometown is Larisa, the capital of Thessaly and the center of agriculture in Greece.

Growing up and traveling around Greece and abroad, I realized that I was very lucky! In fact, I had direct access and contact through my friends, colleagues and my work experience with the farmers and producers to produce with exquisite taste and prestigious quality. These include virgin oil, nuts, tea, as well as therapeutic products and personal care products.

But it's not just about taste, it's also about health, which of course is most important. From planting to harvesting, by hand or by machine, the whole process brings the best result, full and rich in vitamins and with a high nutritional value.

When the Corona pandemic hit, I felt more responsible than ever to help people find their own path to a healthier lifestyle!

For this reason I present you my online shop AMELIA My Healthy Way. My goal is to introduce you directly to the farmers and the companies whose goods are of the highest quality and which include non-GMO and pesticide-free food, but also other products that are very useful for everyday use and are essential.

 By combining quality and taste, I also want to help those who have a more specific diet, such as athletes, vegetarians, vegans and people with intolerance

 The variety of products is entirely based on the Mediterranean diet, which is proven to be the most complete for the absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

 If we could know what we eat and where it comes from, we could design a healthier lifestyle.