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Ecological scourer Sustainable cleaning sponge

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ScrubWOW Sponge Introduction
ScrubWOW Sponge is a product of the ScrubWOW family, well known and used by millions of customers in the USA and Canada for 10 years.
What is ScrubWOW Sponge
ScrubWOW Sponge is a scratch-free , sustainable, washable, reusable cleaning sponge. It keeps the foam inside and with a milder formula it removes dirt more easily and quickly than the normal sponge.
Safe cleaning
In the kitchen: pots and pans, non-stick Cookware, oven, ceramic and glass hobs, stainless steel worktops, microwaves, refrigerators, tiles, etc.
In the bathroom: bathtub, porcelain, chrome, marble, tiles, joints, glass, etc.
Outdoors: tools, furniture, etc.
For anything you need to clean, use the ScrubWOW Original with dish soap and warm water.
Reasons to buy the ScrubWOW Sponge
Quick cleaning : Its special composition makes it more powerful in removing dirt compared to other sponges.
Long service life : ScrubWOW Sponge is reusable and it replaces several synthetic sponges.
Eco-friendly: product out of 100 % cotton , NON-TOXIC material.
It is made in Europe tells.
Important information: The photos show examples of the colors and the structure of the product. The scrub side is not suitable for painted and highly polished surfaces. If you are unsure, use in an inconspicuous place.

Warning notices

The sponge is not suitable for painted and polished surfaces. If you are not sure how to use it, first use the sponge on a non-visible part of the object.

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